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San Diego Orthodontist

Quick… think back to elementary school. What was THE WORST THING that could’ve happened to you?  Braces!  We’re talking about orthodontics — every young person’s nightmare!  But, with modern dental techniques, the “most awful thing the world” for a teenager has been seriously mitigated.  Take “Invisalign” for example.  San Diego Orthodontist Dr. George has advanced skill and expertise with Invisalign which has earned him an Invisalign Innovator Award, which signifies a progressive approach to improving the Invisalign technique.  Since then, Dr. George has been a Premier Provider of Invisalign, representing a group of only 5% of dentists in America who have superior experience and have had remarkable success with Invisalign. Or consider Dr. George’s trademarked “Straight Teeth in Six Months”.  The procedure is not widely known and few orthodontists can offer this.  Typically an 18-month procedure, Dr. George has been providing what has become known as “fast orthodontics” for over 20 years to great success for thousands of happy patients.  […]

San Diego Cosmetic Dentist

Everyone wants to look their best, and statistics show that the first thing people notice about you is your smile.  Years ago, teeth were teeth.  When they got old-looking, yellow, chipped — or worse yet — rotting, that was that.  And God forbid, should you neglect your teeth to a certain point, you would face the ultimate dread: dentures!  Really… who wants anything in their mouth all day other than their original teeth?  The very thought of dentures puts this writer into a near coma!  You might likely have grandparents that have dentures.  Well let me tell you this: they are a thing of the past! Dental technology and cosmetic dental artistry have come a long way in the last several years, and what was once the nastiest reality of improper dental care: dentures, are a thing of the past.  Young people today are aware of the need for proper dental care and barring some unusual circumstances, people today retain their own teeth.  These days the top concern in dental care is cosmetic dentistry.  With the advancements in dental care, even the slightest imperfection can be made perfect.  […]

San Diego Implant Dentist

You know that feeling… that feeling when you’re munching away at your favorite snacks and all of a sudden… there it is again.  That tooth pain that you been “sort of” ignoring.  You think, well, maybe it will just go away on it’s own.  Wishful thinking indeed!  You tell your self that you’ve had pain like that before and it did go away.  Or did it? You know that something must be done sooner rather than later.  But you have concerns.  Chief among them is “How much do dental implants it cost?”  That is a certainly valid concern, but let’s take a look at that concern from a more realistic perspective: how much does it cost to do nothing?  That’s the true concern. Another concern is shifting teeth.  Keep in mind too that your teeth are shifting all of the time, and any space created by a missing tooth means the rest of your teeth will start to “take up that open space” making an implant procedure more difficult. […]

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