Conveniently, a Brighter Smile

home-teeth-whitening-dr-george-revFood, drinks, and natural aging can cause your teeth to darken. With great products, custom trays, and the right instructions, we can reverse these stains and give you a white smile you will love at an affordable price.

Dr. George was one of the first dentists in La Jolla to provide home teeth bleaching to patients. He was featured in a Channel 10 ABC News broadcast describing this new technique at the time. Since then, home bleaching has become widely available. When you begin home teeth whitneing, you’ll need properly fitting trays, potent but safe products, and instructions to get the results you are looking for.

Dr. George and our staff are highly trained in teeth whitening, so youwill  get the best possible results. Not all teeth will whiten the same. Tetracycline stains, amalgam filings, and bonded teeth do not bleach as well as natural teeth. It is proven that over a long period of time, tetracycline stains can be lightened, but Dr. George may recommend Zoom in-office teeth whitening, in combination with take-home trays.

Amalgam fillings can stain the teeth with a gray hue, and they may not lighten with chemical bleaching. For this problem, Dr. George may recommend bonding or veneers. If you have dental bonding hat has stained or is darker than your whitened teeth, the bonding can be replaced to blend in with your bright smile.

How can I get my teeth their whitest?

  • Accurate fitting trays

  • Whitening gel that is proven to work

  • Reduce possible sensitivity with the right techniques

  • Proper instructions to maximize your results

In our La Jolla cosmetic dentistry office, we will take molds of your teeth. Then, in our on site lab, we will create bleaching trays to fit over your upper and lower teeth. These trays are carefully created to cover teeth, not gum tissue. Many offices give their patients trays that are not sculpted around each tooth, and this issue  can cause painful gum irritation and sensitivity by holding bleach on the surface of the gums. Dr. George has used many different whitening gels over time, but now uses only one exclusively because it provides great results with no sensitivity.

Our patients place the bleaching gel in the trays at home and wear them for 45 minutes 2 times a day, for 7-10 days. In some cases, the time is even shorter, depending on the level of stains to be bleached. The take-home whitening trays can last you many years, and additional whitening gel is inexpensive. Wear the trays as directed to maximize results. We can  customize a bleaching schedule that is right for you, to make whitening your teeth even easier. Please call our helpful staff and discuss how take-home teeth whitening can be easy and affordable for you.

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