Shaping Gums and Crown Lengthening

Before VeneersGum contouring is a fast and easy way to improve the appearance of teeth that seem small, stubby, or have an uneven gum line. By simply reshaping the gum tissue, more tooth enamel can be revealed, which results in a bolder, more attractive smile.

As your San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. George offers a variety of gum shaping options, some of which involve a minimally- invasive procedure with a dental laser. Gum sculpting is a quick, comfortable process. It is also a popular procedure because it  provides excellent esthetic results, and the healing time is rapid and predictable.

After Gum Contouring and Crown LengtheningWith over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. George has an eye for how the teeth and gum line should look. Every smile is unique, so this procedure requires an individualize approach for a natural-looking outcome. In most cases, Dr. George exposes the healthy tooth structure under the gum, while maintaining esthetically pleasing tooth-to-gum proportions. Often, patients have an asymmetry of tissue as you compare each tooth in the smile. The gum line can be made to look more even with gum contouring.

Not only is gum sculpting for cosmetic purposes, but it can dramatically improve the health of gums if periodontal disease is present or the patient is in orthodontic braces. Inflamed gum tissue can be irritating, and in some cases home care and dental cleanings do nothing to improve the condition. Gums that are unresponsive to general improved hygiene practices can be treated by laser to promote healing of the tissues.

Gum contouring can:

    • Make teeth look longer

    • Dramatically change a gummy smile

    • Sculpt uneven gum tissue making the teeth look more harmonious

    • Remove inflamed and puffy tissue

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