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No matter your age or athletic level, you should have a custom sports mouth guard.

Getting a mouth guard now for yourself or your child is the best way to protect the teeth and mouth. Dr. George has had many athletes contact his office after they have broken a tooth. They now know they need a mouth guard, but sadly they also now need dental care. Prevention is the best way to avoid dental emergencies. Dr. George offers the best sports mouth guards in San Diego that offer superior fit and retention to traditional, boil-and-bite mouth guards.

Sports Mouth Guards San DiegoSports Mouth Guards San DiegoSports Mouth Guards San Diego

When a mouth guard is worn it provides protection for the teeth, jaw and the soft tissues of the cheeks and gums by absorbing and redistributing the forces generated by traumatic blows. The design of sports guards may all seem very similar, but the varying types of guards available provide different degrees of mouth protection. Laboratory-made sports guards are prescribed for both professional and amateur athletes because they offer the highest level of protection.

Custom-made mouth guards have a competitive advantage over boil-and-bite mouth guards due to their superior fit and retention. They are custom made from an impression taken of your mouth and are trimmed to provide maximum comfort. They also allow for better breathing and more efficient communication with team mates and coaches without having to be removed.

Laboratory-made sports guards are available in six levels of protection. They range from one to three layers of laminated ethylvinylacetate material with a final occlusal thickness between 3 and 5 mm. They can be customized in a variety of colors and designs to fit the personality of every star athlete.

If you are unhappy with the store-bought mouth guards, the custom fitted professional ones are what you need.

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