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Nail Biting Remedy San DiegoMost people bite their nails because it is a nervous habit. It is the one thing that they always have under their control when they are nervous or anxious about something. For some, biting fingernails is a lifelong habit that is extremely difficult to quit and can become painful and embarrassing. Dr. George can help you beat this habit with the most effective nail biting remedy available in San Diego.

When you bite your nails you’re inviting all of dirt and germs get trapped beneath your fingernails right into your body. Biting your nails usually leads to the skin around them getting irritated and unsightly. It is also quite common for there to be pain or bleeding if the nail is chewed to closely to the nail bed.

Dr. George has developed the most effective nail biting remedy in San Diego. He has been using it for many years with proven success. The technique involves placing a fixed appliance on the back teeth where it is not visible. It is tooth colored so no one will know it is on your teeth.

Attaching the fixed appliance is painless and easy. There is no drilling involved and it is completely reversible. He starts by making sure the tooth is free from decay or any other dental problems. He then cleans the top surface of the tooth, place a bonding agent, and then build up the tooth colored material to make your custom appliance. Once it is in place, Dr. George smooths all the edges to make sure it is sealed onto the tooth. This is done on two teeth in your mouth, one in the back on each side. Once they are both in place, he makes sure you are biting evenly on each one to ensure you are comfortable while wearing them.

How does it work?

Since the fixed appliance restricts you from completely biting down, you are prevented from clipping off your fingernail with your teeth . It’s just not that easy to do without a little help. By having a biting surface on only two areas in your mouth you are forced to stop biting off your fingernails.

Once you feel as though you no longer need the fixed appliance it can be quickly and easily removed polishing it off. You natural tooth will not be affected by the placement of the materials on it. The tooth will feel just as it did before you had the appliance placed.

If you are looking for a new and different approach to stop biting your fingernails contact our office today.

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