What to Expect at a Veneers Appointment

Are you ready to get started with veneers in San Diego? Here is a list of items that we would cover in your consultation or first appointment with Dr. George. We would love to help you achieve your dental goals.  We have been able to successfully revitalize and reconstruct smiles for many patients over the last 30 years and would be excited to work with you.

Your initial consultation when you get started with veneers in San Diego will involve a full evaluation and discussion of your goals and options. Here are some of the items that would be considered before making any final treatment decisions:

  • Height & Width for correct proportionsGetting Started with Veneers in San Diego

  • The gum line would be evaluated.  We want to see a consistent height of the gums from tooth to tooth without too much gum showing

  • We want the veneers to be at a specific angle and not too flare

  • The veneers need to be a low profile, not bulky

  • The veneer anatomy should be creative and artistic but mimic nature

  • The amount of veneer translucency is an important part of appearing natural

  • The biting edges of veneers can have rounded or square corners, this is your personal preference. Once I have had a chance to get to know each patient’s situation and teeth, we will be able to customize a treatment plan that takes into account a variety of factors to ensure successful implementation of the veneers.

Dr. Georgaklis will take several factors into consideration such as your current dental health and level of dental damage to make sure that veneers are the best option for you.

Get Started with Veneers in San Diego

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