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straight teeth confident smileOrthodontics for improved appearance and/or oral function is a primary focus of Dr. George’s San Diego dental practice. With over 25 years of proven success and experience in straightening teeth and creating beautiful smiles, Dr. George is passionate about orthodontics. He has perfected techniques to keep every patient is comfortable during treatment, while ensuring that all orthodontic goals are met effectively.

Dr. George treats patients of all ages, from young children who are having the first stage of treatment, to adults who have postponed orthodontics because of either the obvious appearance of inconvenience of braces. Today, image-conscious teenagers and adults have more options than ever. You may not require metal braces, and you may even be a candidate for short-term braces or instant orthodontics.

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Patient Testimonials

I’ve been coming to Dr. George for years now (~2013). I love their knowledge, professionalism, and care for their patients. Dr. George knew I was a student but really wanted to help straighten my teeth. He created a payment plan for me which was never offered to me with other orthodontists. I was never disappointed with any of the services provided from cleaning to the braces. I searched for an oral surgeon within my network and he did my follow-up and cleaning all together. After the terrible experience with the oral surgeon I immediately went back to Dr. George and Claudia helped me with appointments and getting my money back from the oral surgeon. The team and Dr. George are experienced, honest, and the best! They aren’t completely covered under my insurance but I would much rather go to them and pay for the services than go through the horrific experience again with an unprofessional dentist.

Ashley R.

Dr. Georgaklis and his staff, including both consulting and dental assistants, are wonderful! After having gone to Dr. Georgaklis for braces (which included a tooth extraction procedure) and cleanings, I can say that my entire experience was amazing. Beginning with scheduling, the consultants were super friendly and provided text message reminders for upcoming appointments which was super nice. As for the braces and cleanings, that process was fantastic. Dr. Georgaklis is a wizard with his vision for straightening teeth. Even though I had to get a tooth extraction, which was a very painless procedure with him, my teeth still straightened ahead of the plan schedule which was great. Overall I had an amazing experience and highly recommend going to Dr. Georgaklis for anything dental related!

Joseph Paz, Your Content Goes Here

Dr. George Georgaklis and his staff have all been wonderful! Five months ago, I decided to get braces on to straighten out a couple of teeth that were bothering me. Dr. George informed me that I would only have my braces on from 5 – 6 months. It has almost been 5 months, and I’m already seeing a huge difference in my smile!

Thank you Dr. George, and staff for keeping me happy, and helping me feel more confident about my smile!

Julie Hurd, Your Content Goes Here

After consultations with 5 different orthodontists across southern California for my particularly difficult case of a cross-bite, crowding, and an asymmetrical smile, Dr. George was the one who seemed not only the most qualified and confident but also the only one who said he could accomplish the task without me requiring jaw surgery.

I am now almost 1 year into my clear braces, which is the time-frame Dr. George gave me for fixing all the issues with my teeth. Against all odds, we’re on track to be completed soon and my teeth have improved more than I ever would have thought possible!

I’m forever grateful to Dr. George and his amazing assistant Christina for always hearing out my concerns, going out of their way to see me at a moment’s notice for emergencies, and wasting countless brackets on me to ensure I get a smile I’m happy with. Thank you so much!

Sahil Bawa, Your Content Goes Here

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