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Bad Breath Treatment San DiegoBad breath can be embarrassing and it’s not something you can always fix on your own. We can help you feel more confident and healthy, not only by improving your smile, but by improving how you feel about yourself. Dr. Georgaklis offers the best bad breath treatment in San Diego.

Bad breath should not be ignored, as it could be the indication of more serious problems. The most common name for reoccurring bad breath is halitosis.

There can be a variety of causes of bad breath including: oral hygiene, tooth decay, periodontal disease, dry mouth, tobacco use, certain foods, and illness. Bad breath is initially started in your mouth as bacteria breaks down food debris. These bacteria require an oxygen free environment so they usually reside in the grooves of your tongue or between your teeth.

The best place to find the solution to your bad breath is the dental office. When you come for an evaluation we can determine what is causing your bad breath and give you the tools to help get rid of it. 

The best way to start is with a thorough dental cleaning. Our knowledgeable dental hygienist will clean all the surfaces of your teeth and remove the bacteria that are contributing to your bad breath. If periodontal disease is present a deeper cleaning will be recommended. Our hygienist will also give you instructions and information on the dental tools that will continue to help improve your breath. A tongue scrapper might be recommended to remove the bacteria from the grooves. Simply brushing your tongue does not remove the causes of bad breath.

In addition to this and other solutions, we also recommend Oxyfresh. Oxyfresh is a specially formulated product for bad breath that has proven success. Their professional-grade products are formulated with their exclusive odor-fighter Oxygene. It takes only a small amount of the product to have breath protection that lasts up to six hours.

The key to avoiding bad breath is to eliminate it at its source.

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