Endodontic Therapy to Relieve Pain

The thought of having a root canal treatment is frightening to some patients, however Dr. George’s patients rarely experience any discomfort during the entire procedure. Experience the best root canal therapy in San Diego at Dr. Georgaklis’ office.

Dr. George’s 30 years of experience and technique development have given him the skills to perform root canals in a way that keeps his patients comfortable.

Root Canal Therapy San Diego

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Root canal treatment is done when a nerve, also called the pulp, has degenerated either through deep decay or trauma. Initially the nerve becomes inflamed causing a toothache. Eventually this inflammation may reverse or may become infected. Sometimes the pulp degenerates slowly and without symptoms of pain. The painless abscess or infection may only be evident through viewing a radiograph.

Without treatment, an infection may become more severe and either build up pressure or drain either through the tooth opening or through the side of the jaw bone called a fistula. An infected tooth will never heal on its own. As it becomes worse, it will continue to be a source of infection that depletes your immune system which can affect your entire body. As long as there is enough tooth structure to do a restoration, we will recommend doing root canal therapy to save your tooth. The good news is that is can be treated quickly and relief from pain is immediate in many cases

To get to the infected tooth pulp, we give a local aesthetic in the area and then make a small opening through the top of the tooth down into the pulp chamber. During the treatment the nerve and pulp are removed and the canal inside the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Dr. George uses holistic ozone thereapy for complete sanitation of dental tubules, so all infection is eradicated. Ozone can eliminate many problems associated with root canals. Since the root canal treatment is done through the top of the tooth, a temporary material will be placed over the access hole until a permanent restoration is done.

Root Canal Therapy San DiegoRoot Canal Therapy San DiegoRoot Canal Therapy San Diego

After the root canal treatment it is necessary to place a crown over the entire tooth to ensure that the tooth does not fracture. Without the pulp the tooth will become brittle and can break easily with chewing and pressure.

The nerve in an adult tooth is not necessary to maintain itself in the jaw bone. A root canal treatment and permanent restoration can return a tooth close to its natural function and appearance.

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