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Whether you’re missing one or several teeth, or if your dentures tend to feel loose, uncomfortable, or wobbly, Dr. George can give you a reliable, attractive, natural-looking smile with dental implants or implant-retained dentures. When permanent teeth are lost for any reason, dental implants offer a prosthetic that closely imitate’s nature’s design. The structure of an implant includes both a tooth crown, the white part of a tooth that we see, and a tooth root, the foundation of a tooth that extends into a socket in the jawbone.

Because implants attach to the jaw, they stimulate the bone tissue there and alert the body to continue supplying nutrients. Without this stimulation, as is the case when teeth are missing or replaced with another prosthetic that does not anchor to the jaw, the body does not deliver enough calcium and phosphorus to the bone for it to remain dense and strong. As a result, people with missing teeth may experience osteoporosis of the jaw, causing facial collapse. This phenomenon presents as a shortening of the length between the ear and chin, and it makes a person appear older than his or her actual age. Dental implants prevent jawbone deterioration and facial collapse, while also providing the underlying structure for cheeks and lips to remain full and youthful in appearance.

Our San Diego dental implant practice utilizes the latest advances in dental implants to easily and comfortably replace missing teeth. Dr. George’s artistic technique produces a natural appearance that instills self-confidence. After nearly 35 years of use, dental implants have a 90-95% proven success rate in appropriately chosen cases.

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