Holistic Dentistry San Diego

Just what is “holistic dentistry”?  Holistic Dentistry defined as per Google:

“Holistic dentistry, also referred to as biologic dentistry, is an alternative approach that focuses on the use of non-toxic restorative materials for dental work, and emphasizes the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and dental infections may have on a person’s overall health.”

That’s a mouthful (no pun intended).  In a nutshell, it means that foreign materials in your mouth can certainly affect your health and well-being.  Having a dentist who is acutely aware of this is a good thing.  No, it’s a great thing.  Because it shows that the dentist is not taking the easy way out.  It shows that every thing to do with your health is the prime concern of such a dentist.  And Dr. George Georgaklis is just that type of dentist — one within whom you can place your absolute trust to do the right thing at every turn.

Dr. George is on an ongoing quest to keep his holistic dentistry approach up-to-date as new, tested and proven materials become available.  One of the first dentists to become mercury-free in 1985 when the use of newer composite filling materials for posterior teeth became available.  Mercury had been used in dental fillings for years, but is had been shown to be a heavy metal that is toxic to humans.  The FDA recommends that children, pregnant women, and people with mercury sensitivity avoid amalgam dental fillings that use mercury.

Dr. George has opted to eliminate the use of metal amalgam using mercury for his patients.  Instead, he uses metal-free, mercury-free composite resin material for fillings.  These are safe, reliable fillings that are tinted to blend with the patient’s natural tooth color.  This ensures a natural looking result along with the most healthy choice available.

A sensitivity and awareness of mercury in fillings is just one area in which Dr. George practices holistic dentistry.  Keeping up with the latest advances in dental health from a holistic standpoint is very important to Dr. George, because it is important to his patients, and because holistic dentistry is just makes good health sense.

For example, here are several other areas of holistic dentistry that are routine for Dr. George:

  • Holistic Laser Dentistry

    Traditional treatments for chronic gum disease only provide temporary relief for most patients. The introduction of holistic laser therapy can be performed on a regular basis to decontaminate the gums.  Details Here.

  • Anxiety Treatment & Comfortable Dentistry

    We provide our patients with a number of resources and products that can help eliminate fears and reduce anxieties  Click here for details on these options.

  • Ozone Therapy & Holistic Bacterial Removal

    Dr. George is one of the few dentists in San Diego who has an ozone generator to provide holistic services to patients seeking a healthier alternative to traditional dental care.  Learn more about it here.

  • Periodontal Treatment with Ozone

    Ozone effectively kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites and can be effective in controlling periodontal disease.&nbasp; Ozonated water reduces bacteria to control periodontal disease.  Details Here.

  • Biological Root Canal Therapy

    Dr. George offers a safe alternative root canal therapy that utilizes ozonated water, ozone gas, and biocompatible materials to ensure proper disinfection of the tooth, followed by placing a metal-free crown.  Details Here.

  • Nutrition and Oral Health: Your Health is What You Eat

    So, what is good nutrition for your teeth? Surprise! The same as good nutrition for the rest of your body.  Details Here.

  • Periodyne: For Healthier Gums

    Dr Georgaklis was the top dentist in the 2014 research of this new product and helped find that Periodyne demonstrated a great gingival benefit to the patients.  Learn more about it here.

    If holistic dentistry is important to you, give Dr. George a call and set up an appointment: (858) 552-1223.  You will be surprised how he can turn a dental appointment into a good thing!  Like so many other La Jolla patients — fond out what holistic dentistry is all about for you and your family members.  Call the expert San Diego holistic dentist, Dr. George Georgaklis and make good, healthy dental choices a part of your life.  Conveniently located at 4510 Executive Drive, Suite 106 in La Jolla, CA.