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Braces for Kids San Diego

Are you interested in orthodontic options such as braces for your kids in San Diego? You’ll want to visit Dr. George’s office.

When Dr. George suggests braces for children under 10, he focuses primarily on the alignment of the upper and lower jaws. A common problem is a cross bite with the back teeth, either on one side or both sides.  Another problem that can arise is when the upper front teeth grow inside the lower front teeth.  This is called an under bite.

It is very important to intercept these bite problems by beginning treatment as soon as possible, with braces or an expansion appliance.  If the issues are not corrected, the jaw will continue to develop in an abnormal shape, which can lead to aesthetic and functional issues.  TMJ dysfunction is often a result of an abnormal bite.

Deep bites or overbites can also be corrected before all of the permanent teeth have erupted.  A deep bite occurs when the upper teeth grow over the lower teeth and overlap them almost entirely. Dental braces or a bite appliance can correct this problem easily in about 6 months.

Children often have crooked front teeth at 7-10 years of age, because their new adult teeth are too large for their child-sized jaws. Therefore,  it is normal for their teeth to look out of position.  Many parents want their children to have straight teeth in pictures at every age; ask Dr. George for options.  Almost any child’s front teeth can be straightened in 2-6 months with braces at a limited cost.

Dr. George offers braces made of metal, with colored ties, or clear-white braces for a more inconspicuous appearance.

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