State-of-the-Art Technology

Dr. George strives to keep his practice up to date with the latest in technological advances. That is why he has incorporated a soft tissue diode laser into his practice to offer the best dental laser treatment in San Diego.

When you visit the office, you will have the opportunity to experience this new and exciting advance in dental technology.

Research has shown that using a dental laser in combination with scaling and root planing improves the effectiveness of the treatment. The laser can help to reduce gaps between the teeth and gums or periodontal pockets by removing diseased tissues and has been proven to promote limited bone growth. The dental laser is effective while using very little local anesthetic and sometimes no anesthetic is necessary. There is very little if any postoperative discomfort.

Dr. George and his staff are trained to make sure you are safe and comfortable while having laser therapy treatments.

When Dr. George offers the dental laser to reduce periodontal pockets as an option in place of periodontal surgery, patients are very excited to try it. We cannot guarantee that surgery can always be avoided, especially if periodontal disease is extremely advanced, but in most cases we are able to do so. The dental laser treatment targets and removes diseased tissue. Its special wavelength leaves healthy gum tissue undisturbed. This also allows for the mouth to heal more quickly. There is no need for stitches because it is not an invasive procedure like surgery.

How is laser treatment performed?

The periodontal pockets are first measured to check their depth. Before the hygienist cleans your teeth she will offer to use the dental laser on a low wave length and use it on all gum pockets to reduce bacteria from billions to hundreds. At a higher wave length the dental laser, which is the size and shape of a pen, can be used to remove any diseased tissue. This is usually done at another visit. A dental scaling instrument is used to remove tarter and clean the periodontal pocket. Our hygienist will give you instructions on proper home care after the procedure and prescribe a mouth rinse to help aid in controlling your periodontal condition.

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Dr. George is passionate about health and is grateful for the opportunity to help his patients improve their dental condition.

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