What are the physical parts of the dental implant restoration?

implant illustrationThere are 3 parts to replace a missing tooth.  First is the placement of the dental implant, then a post, and finally the restorative crown that is fitted on top of the implant.

How much does a dental implant cost?

Dental implants run between $1500 – $2500 depending on certain conditions that we will discuss during your consultation. The restorative crown that is fitted on top of the implant is an additional fee.

What options are there for the temporary replacement of missing teeth?

  • Temporary Crown: Placed on implant the same day, in many cases
  • Valplast: A thermal plastic material containing one or more teeth, and it is removable
  • Flipper: An acrylic, less expensive, less durable

I have upper and lower complete dentures.  Can I have dental implants to replace all of my missing teeth?

If the bone is sufficient, your dentures may be replaced with porcelain crowns. Another less expensive option is to have approximately 4 implants with a connecting bar. Dr. George can then make a fixed denture which provides excellent comfort and stability for chewing.

How long do I have to wait before you make the crown for my dental implant?

That depends. In some cases, we can begin to restore the missing tooth (or teeth) with a crown or bridge immediately. If the dental implant is placed in a socket of a recent extraction you may have to wait up to six months, but we do have temporary solutions while waiting.

If I have a fixed bridge in my mouth with one or 2 missing teeth, can dental implants replace my bridge?

Yes. Dr. George has replaced many bridges for people with dental implants. Many patients choose to do this for esthetic reasons and better hygiene. When a bridge is removed, a dental implant is placed in the area of a missing tooth combined with new crowns on the adjacent teeth. Flossing and hygiene becomes more natural. With single crowns and single implants, Dr. George can often restore the area close to its original state before the tooth was lost.

Can you restore a dental implant that another doctor has placed?

Absolutely and Dr. George has performed this procedure many times. There are hundreds of different dental implant brands on the market. With the proper information on the patients dental records we can order the proper dental implant post which corresponds to your existing dental implant.

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