Root Canal Treatment

Dr. George is committed to holistic dental practices which is why he proudly offers root canal ozone therapy at his San Diego office. Using ozone during a root canal procedure greatly decreases chances of infection. A chronically infected tooth is a stress on our immune system and can also create nagging to debilitating mouth pain. When a tooth is internally infected, Dr. George’s goal is to eliminate the cause of the infection, which is bacteria. However, many people experience problems with root canal therapy. After the initial procedure, pain returns, and the root canal essentially fails. At this point, extracting the tooth may be the only feasible option.

The challenge for performing an effective root canal lies in a tooth’s millions of tiny canals, also called tubules. Bacterial infection in a tooth’s main canals can grow and as a result, microbes populate in the tooth’s tubules. These microbes produce a positive charge, infection environment. By not removing them, the infection remains in a tooth, after the main canal is cleaned and sealed. Thus, the infection can again spread and continue to cause pain. Without treatment, infection can become blood borne.


Oxygen is the only gas that has a negative charge, so we can use our ozonator to apply ozone in the affected area. The opposite-charge phenomena attracts ozone to the area, and the microbes are killed. The tubules are then free of infection so the tooth is no longer compromised.

Root Canal Ozone Therapy in San Diego

Dr. Georgaklis uses ozone gas to effectively sterilize his root canals before sealing and filling them. Call 858-552-1223 or visit our San Diego dental office, located in the La Jolla UTC area, to schedule an evaluation if you have concerns about tooth pain and root canal treatments. Stay connected, like us on Facebook!