Gum contouring is a common treatment for those who are in need of improving their smile and overall appearance. It is a quick and simple way to create the smile you have always wanted by reshaping the tissue in the gums which allows for more tooth enamel to be visible and results in an attractive and bold smile.

Gum Contouring Options and Procedures

Fortunately, your local dentist in San Diego can make this happen and personalize a plan for you depending on which gum shaping option will work best for you. Some options do not require any type of dental surgery, but rather a lightly invasive dental laser procedure for treatment.

Gum sculpting is also a very fast and simple process that is popular because it is comfortable for the patient while still resulting with excellent results and rapid healing time that is also very predictable.Benefits of Gum Contouring and Gum Sculpting

5 Signs That you may Need Gum Contouring

  • Teeth that appear to be small
  • Teeth that appear to be stubby
  • Uneven gum line
  • You see more gum than teeth
  • Gum inflammation or puffy gums

All of the above signs happen because the gum tissue significantly extends downwards over the teeth enamel producing very gummy appearing smiles.

Dr. George has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and knows exactly how a perfect gum and teeth alignment should look to make the perfect smile. Knowing that every smile is unique, Dr. George takes a personalized and individual focused approach to ensure the best overall results for each and every patient.

Is Gum Contouring and Gum Sculpting Cosmetic Only?

This is a great question as most people believe that something like gum contouring or gum sculpting is strictly for cosmetic and appearance purposes, but in reality it will dramatically improve the health of gums, especially when periodontal disease is involved.

Gums that are inflamed become very irritating and painful over time and in certain cases where dental cleanings or extra home care result in nothing to actually treat the gum condition.

Benefits of Gum Contouring and Gum Sculpting

  • Makes teeth appear to be longer
  • Significantly reduces a gummy smile
  • Helps teeth to appear in a more harmonious and natural way
  • Remove inflamed or puffy gum tissue
  • Improve overall gum health
  • Create the smile you have always wanted

If you are dealing with any of the problems in this blog post, it may be time to consider gum contouring treatment with Dr. George. Call us today to schedule a consultation and get started!