Are you considering various dental treatments to cope with tooth loss? Today I wanted to discuss the benefits of dental implants at my San Diego practice, especially compared to traditional, removable dentures.

First of all, I use metal-free materials when restoring dental implants and I place a particular emphasis on artistic technique to ensure that your teeth always look natural and feel great. Also, keep in mind that implants can be used effectively to help with replacing one tooth or a full set of teeth depending on your particular needs.

No Restrictions Regarding What You Can Eat

When an individual has dentures it is generally recommended that they avoid chewy and/or sticky foods because these have the potential to get in between the device and your gums, which can be extremely frustrating. In worst case scenarios dentures could even fall out of the mouth.

With dental implants you have no dietary restrictions. They act and feel like your original teeth would have.

Enjoy the Flavor of Food

With dentures your palate (roof of the mouth) is covered. This limits your ability to fully taste the food that you are eating by blocking off segments of the mouth.

No Need for Adhesives or Maintenance

Dentures require regular maintenance to remain in proper functioning condition, and they require the purchase of adhesives. Implants will function as your natural teeth. They only require normal dental cleanings, flossing, and brushing.

I hope these few examples of the benefits of implants will help you with your decision. If you have any additional questions please call my San Diego, La Jolla dental office and come in for a consultation.

About the author:

Yelp PicThis post was written by Dr. George Georgaklis. Dr. George is a cosmetic and orthodontic dentist in San Diego, Ca. He loves to help his clients achieve their perfect smile.