When a person needs to have a tooth replaced with a false one, Dr. George Georgaklis may insert an implant into the jawbone to hold the dental crown in place. If the area has been damaged or eroded by periodontal disease or other infections, there may not be enough bone to support the dental implant.Dr. Georgaklis has the ability to grow bone where needed. The bone grafting procedure builds up the bone tissue increasing the height or width of the jawbone and fill in voids and defects in the bone.

During the surgery, Dr. Georgaklis will numb the grafting and extraction sites using local anesthetic. A small incision will be made to prepare the site for the new bone and it will be anchored into place.

Bone grafting is a highly successful procedure in most cases. It is also a preferable alternative to having missing teeth, diseased teeth, or tooth deformities.

There are a variety of bone grafting procedures that can be done in our La Jolla office.

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