Urgent Care for Toothaches and Dental Damage

dental-emergency-dr-george-rev2Emergency dentistry is a service that Dr. George has been providing to San Diego and tourists for over 30 years.

Many corporations who refer their employees to our office for emergency dental care count on Dr. George’s experience to take care of their dental problems quickly. Emergency dentistry is a field that requires a dentist to have an extensive background in solving cases of acute pain and sensitivity without delay.

Sharp pain in a tooth often results from inflammation of the pulp (aka nerve in the tooth).  The pain symptoms could be dull, throbbing, pressure sensitive, hot and cold sensitivity and radiating pain to the opposite arch.  A toothache can arise from many causes such as deep decay, clenching, trauma, or hairline fracture.

Do not expect to need a root canal treatment for a toothache.  The most common misdiagnosed symptom is a toothache that is not a dying nerve, but temporary inflammation due to clenching.

Another cause of pain, the cold sensitive tooth, may only be the result of an exposed root and can be easily cured by bonding over the root or gum graft.

If you have any sensitivity in your mouth or have damaged your teeth, get in touch with a specialist right away! Visit our San Diego cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry office, conveniently located at University Town Center in La Jolla.  Call (858) 552-1223 to reach Dr. George today.