Dr. Georgaklis is proud to be one of the top practitioners of San Diego holistic dentistry. He understands that good dentistry is about more than a beautiful smile. Although the aesthetics of your grin are one of his top priorities, he also works hard to protect your overall health. For this reason, he uses all-natural materials and techniques whenever possible. Amalgam restorations, which are free of toxic mercury, are one of the bedrocks of La Jolla holistic dentistry. However, advanced dental lasers, ozone therapy, and other state-of-the-art treatment options are also vital to our holistic approach. In this post, Dr. Georgaklis answers some of the most common questions about holistic dentistry and how it can benefit you.

Is Mercury Really All That Harmful?

Mercury is a toxic metal that has been linked to an alarming number of health conditions. These include ADHD, heart disease, hormone imbalance, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, and much more. Silver amalgam, one of the most commonly used materials for dental fillings, contains up to 50% mercury. At first, the metal will stay within the filling. However, with constant pressure over the years, the filling could start to leak, causing mercury to enter into your blood stream. Some scientists claim that mercury in dental restorations is not a cause for concern; you are exposed to more mercury in the air and in food than you are from your dental fillings. Nevertheless, others caution that amalgam fillings could indeed be quite detrimental to your health. In fact, the material is banned in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Dr. Georgaklis does not want to expose you to any unnecessary health risks. For this reason, he has exclusively used tooth-colored composite fillings since 1985.

Can San Diego Holistic Dentistry Minimize My Discomfort?

Yes. Minimal discomfort care is one of the top benefits of La Jolla holistic dentistry. Laser dentistry is one of the most effective treatments for periodontal disease. With our state-of-the-art soft tissue lasers, Dr. Georgaklis can destroy oral bacteria with little impact on your surrounding tissues. Not only will the high power energy eliminate bacteria more effectively than other, manual methods; the lasers actually seal blood vessels during treatment, so you should have a very brief recovery and very little gum irritation.

What Is Ozone Therapy, and How Will It Benefit Me?

Our San Diego holistic dentistry practice is one of the few area locations to offer innovative ozone therapy. Our in-office generator produces pure ozone, a compound made up of three oxygen molecules. Dr. Georgaklis can use ozone to treat periodontal disease, sore throats, abscesses, and more. He can also combine ozone therapy with traditional root canal therapy. In this way, he can access the areas of your tooth that a routine endodontic procedure cannot reach. In some cases, ozone therapy by itself can entirely eliminate the need for root canal therapy.

Learn More about San Diego Holistic Dentistry

If you would like to benefit from La Jolla holistic dentistry, or if you simply have more questions about the benefits of our all-natural treatment, contact Dr. Georgaklis’ office today. He looks forward to providing the outstanding care you deserve.