Cosmetic dentistry is a diverse and complicated arena, with many different approaches for fixing smiles. Here at Dr. George’s blog we will be introducing a variety of blog series covering topics such as veneers, bonding, gum contouring, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns and more. For each subject we will take an in-depth look at how each practice works, what is its place in cosmetic dentistry and how it affects you as the patient.

This post is the first of five posts on LUMINEERS®, an innovative technology bringing safe and painless cosmetic solutions to stained or damaged teeth. Below is an introduction to this technique.

LUMINEERS® are the evolution of veneers, which were invented in the 1980s as a quick and effective way to create the perfect smile. However, using veneers can require extensive removal of tooth structure and if implanted improperly may cause pain to the patient. Therefore, LUMINEERS® were invented to provide a less intrusive option for restructuring a patient’s smile.

LUMINEERS® are made of either porcelain or a modern glass ceramic and they can easily be placed over the existing tooth structure. This allows for the creation of a new beautiful smile, without the destruction of an individual’s natural teeth.

In the following LUMINEERS® posts we will be covering:

  • Installation Procedure
  • Using LUMINEERS®
  • Real Life Examples of LUMINEERS® Users (San Diego Edition)
  • Are LUMINEERS® Right for Me?

For additional questions about San Diego LUMINEERS or to find out if they are right for you please call Dr. George Georgaklis at (858) 552-1223 and visit our San Diego Dental Office located in La Jolla UTC today.