Study shows ozone therapy is an effective way to treat pain caused by TMD

In a recent clinical study, 33 patients with temporomandibular disorder (TMD) who were treated with oxidative ozone showed increased ability to open their mouths wider. In a 2019 intervention study, patients who were treated three times weekly with a an ozone generator with a high frequency of ozone showed significant decreases in pain caused by their TMD. In yet another study conducted in 2012, a group of patients who received ozone injections into their joint space showed a complete recovery from their TMD. And two more studies showed that use of ozone treatment on patients who suffered from TMD resulted in significant decrease in pain caused by their TMD.

Although considered a new form of treatment for TMD, extensive research has shown that even low doses of ozone can effectively reduce pain for patients suffering from TMD as well as increase the range of jaw movements. Researchers hypothesize that these improvements are due to the fact that ozone is a highly reactive molecule and therefore has the ability to repair and produce cartilage as well as reduce inflammation. Results also show that use of ozone therapy on patients with TMD is completely safe. (Source.)

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