Dr. George Expert Dental Adviser On Periodyne

Dr. George Georgaklis, a cosmetic and family dentist in La Jolla, San Diego now offers the Periodyne system to improve gum health.

For Healthier Gums

Dr. George participated as an expert dental adviser to the Periodyne company and took part in the clinical trial conducted at Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Periodontology. The results of the trial concluded that Periodyne significantly decreased inflammatory markers contributing to the pathogenesis of periodontal health, and demonstrated a great gingival benefit to the patients. In layman’s terms, the results are much simpler to understand: Periodyne stops bleeding of the gums, and helps reduce the condition of receeding gums resulting in a healthier mouth overall. Healthier teeth that are going stay around for a lot longer with healthier gums.

Periodyne: Affordable, Safe, and Easy To Use

Periodyne is an affordable and easy to use product. It is a safe, natural, evidence-based gingival product that can be used to support the health of your gums. Periodyne is formulated using a novel, patented and proprietary Cetylated Fatty Acid Complex (CFAC) that significantly reduces intercellular inflammation through the phospholipid enhancement of the cell membrane. CFAC has been shown to modulate systemic oral inflammation. Periodyne has been shown to significantly inhibit chronic oral tissue inflammation. Again, in layman’s terms, this is an all natural product that uses the natural responses in nature to deliver a positive, desired result with regard to the health of your gums. Think of it as giving your gums what they want to be healthy. Simple as that. Periodyne is a dental product that is used nightly as part of a patient’s home dental care regimen to decrease gingival inflammation and increase gingival health.

Seconds a Day!

The PERIODYNE™ System is a safe, new option to naturally support the health of your gums in just seconds a day!

Safe, Natural, Effective, and Easy to Use.

Why Healthy Gums are Important for Teeth

Poor gum health can lead to the loss of the bone that surrounds a tooth. How loose or secure a tooth is depends largely on the state of the surrounding bone.

In addition to the surrounding bone, the gums also help hold our teeth in place. Too much movement of a tooth can result in tooth loss.

In the most recent multi-center clinical trial, it was found that despite regular hygiene and dental care, patients in the study still had ongoing periodontal issues. That’s why this product is so important. For those people, Periodyne will get them on the fast-track to healthier gums, and better dental health overall. The bottom line is this: hygienists adding Periodyne to their regular patient dental hygiene routine, are more likely to help patients achieve the goal of healthier gums.

Dr. Georgaklis was Top Dentist in 2014 Clinical Research of Periodyne

Dr. Georgaklis was the top dentist in the 2014 research of this new product and played an important role in bringing it to market. He found that after only two weeks of adding Periodyne to their daily dental hygiene routine, patients’ gum bleeding upon probing was reduced by 87%. At the same time, the number of pocket depths over 3mm in these patients was reduced by 48%. In all the research studies, the results have demonstrated a great gingival benefit to the patients. And Periodyne is easy to use. A patented blend of natural cetylated oils, which are delivered in capsules that can be clipped open for the oils to be dispensed directly onto the gums.

The results of the research studies and clinical trials sound promising, but the phrase “natural product” can arouse skepticism in even the most open-minded of dental professionals. When journalist Erin Robinson spoke with George Georgaklis, DDS, he was initially hesitant about trying Periodyne but reported that all of his patients had positive results with the product.

“I had been skeptical because a lot of companies and products market their products based on biased clinical trials, and you always have to take

[the marketing] with a grain of salt,” said Dr. Georgaklis. “All of my patients had positive results. I was expecting that maybe some would, and some wouldn’t, but it reduced pocket depth, and I think all of them had elimination of bleeding – completely, in a short period of time.” — Dr. George Georgaklis


Thanks in part to Dr. George’s expert advisory on the commercial release of Periodyne, the use of the Periodyne system between your dental appointments will result in healthier and pinker gums. Therefore, you will be much less sensitive during your dental hygiene appointments.


What Exactly Is Periodyne and How Is It Used?

Periodyne is comprised of a patented combination of natural cetylated oils. The oils used in Periodyne come from the U.S.-grown food supply. Periodyne is safe, natural, easy to use, and is guaranteed. That’s how effective this product is. We know it works, we know there are no health drawbacks or risks of any kind. It’s really as they say, a “no-brainer” that dentists will recommend this product to their patients for whom standard gum-health treatments are falling short. There has been no documented report of toxicity or side effects using Periodyne. Studies show that the use of Periodyne can help treat periodontal conditions such as bleeding gums, periodontitis, dental bone loss, receding gums, gum inflammation and periodontal disease. The most prominent study in particular, is the Boston University study whose expert dental advisor was Dr. George. Dr. Georgaklis’ extensive background in all phases of dentistry came to bear on the results of the study. And they were clear indeed: Periodyne works. If you’re one for details, here is a link to the available medical conclusion of the Boston University study: 1-Tetradecanol Complex: Therapeutic Actions in Experimental Periodontitis. It broadly discusses the findings of the clinical trials, but the key phrase within that summary of findings is this:


Conclusion: The findings suggest that topical application of cetylated monounsaturated fatty acid complex (1-TDC) is a potential therapeutic approach in controlling the progression of chronic periodontal disease.”


How is Periodyne Taken?

Periodyne can be used at home after brushing. A patented blend of natural cetylated oils, which are delivered in capsules that can be clipped open for the oils to be dispensed directly onto the gums. Each Periodyne kit contains 120 capsules. After brushing, patients are instructed to break open each capsule and put the contents directly on the gums. The oils used in Periodyne come from the U.S. -grown food supply, and they’re all natural. Not chemically-treated in any way. Any residual oils in the capsule can be swallowed with the capsule and a sip of water. No rinsing is required, and eating and drinking can be resumed in just 10 minutes after application. While all patients experience different results, most will apply Periodyne once a day for the first month or two and about three times per week thereafter.

Periodyne LLC guarantees that Periodyne will improve patients’ gingival health, or they will fully refund the purchase price. They are also running a program for hygienists, through which hygienists can get special business cards featuring discount codes that will allow both the hygienist and dentist to earn compensation each time a patient orders Periodyne online. If you’re interested in learning more about Periodyne, talk to your Periodyne representative, visit periodyne.com, or call 1-888-486-4584.

Periodyne’s potential for helping to restore soft tissue may be a major advancement for dentistry, but that’s not all. A 2009 Boston University study, published in the Journal of Periodontology, (Results Summary Here) suggests that Periodyne’s cetylated oil blend might even promote bone restoration. To examine the effects of the oils, researchers induced periodontitis and bone loss in rabbits. With the application of the cetylated oil blend, osseous tissue was restored, and osteoblast cell activity was increased, resulting in greater bone density. While research has yet to determine whether Periodyne will be able to restore bone in humans, the results are promising.


Dr. George C. Georgaklis is a board certified dentist who has been in practice for over 25 years practicing in the areas of general dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic, oral surgery, implants and TMJ/TMD dysfunction. Dr. Georgaklis has also been an expert witness in a variety of legal issues and a commentator on dental issues for a variety of media outlets. Dr. Georgaklis graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.A. and Tufts University School of Dental Medicine with a D.M.D.