As you explore options for your orthodontic treatment, questions are going to arise. We are commonly asked by patients “how long will I have to wear braces?” and “how do I know what orthodontic treatment is right for me?”

Most dentists will tell you that braces are worn for 18-24 months, however my signature “Straight Teeth in Six Months” treatment has proven to provide timely and affordable results for my patients. Here are several types of patients that are a good fit for short term braces procedures.


      1.)  Preparing for an upcoming event

Often, patients come in that have a wedding in several months or maybe a high school reunion at the end of the year that they are hoping to look their best for. Short term braces are often a great option to help these individuals straighten their teeth and bring an incredible smile to their event.


      2.)  Teeth have moved

Did you have braces as a kid and then never wear your retainer? For many adults their once straight teeth have now shifted to undesirable locations. fast braces treatment can put your teeth back in place and give your smile a beautiful look again.


      3.)  Time to make adjustments

Maybe you never had braces as a child because your teeth were “close” to perfect or your family decided not to invest in orthodontics. Either way accelerated orthodontics would provide you with the ability to finally have that straight smile you have always hoped for.


If any of this sounds like you or if you simply want more information about “Straight Teeth in Six Months” please call my San Diego orthodontics office today to schedule a free consultation. We would love to help you get that perfect smile.