In 2006, a discouraged patient came to Dr. Georgaklis’ office in San Diego in search of help to achieve straight teeth. The patient was told that because of his particular bite, he may need surgery and would probably need to wear braces for several years. The patient had seen Dr. George’s advertisement in the newspaper and decided to give him a chance. Dr. George and his incredible staff worked to build the patient’s trust in them by accommodating the patient’s hectic schedule and treating the patient like family. With his expert knowledge and years of experience, Dr. Georgaklis worked tirelessly to deliver the best possible treatment to the patient. Not only did Dr. George take care of the patient’s orthodontic needs, but he also whitened the patient’s teeth and made other necessary cosmetic changes to achieve the best possible smile. The result? Dr. George completed the patient’s treatment without surgery, sparing the patient severe discomfort and potentially thousands of dollars while giving the patient a smile they could be proud of. The patient’s only regret? Not going to Dr. George, the best orthodontist in San Diego, sooner.

If you need help achieving straight teeth in San Diego, you should only go with the best orthodontist available. With over 25 years of proven success and experience in straightening teeth and creating beautiful smiles, Dr. George is passionate about orthodontics. He has perfected techniques to keep every patient comfortable during treatment while ensuring that all orthodontic goals are met effectively. The pictures speak for themselves! Read the patient’s actual review below:

“Being treated by Dr. George was a life changing experience that I will never forget. My previous dentist told me that I would have braces for at least 2 years, which was very discouraging. After seeing his ad in my school newspaper, I decided to give Dr. George a chance. Dr. George got me in and out of my braces within 14 months, transforming my crooked teeth into the smile I’ve always wanted! Also, the beautiful staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I feel comfortable seeing him for all my dental needs and would refer anyone to see him. My only regret was not going to Dr. George sooner.”

Here’s an update to my previous review from 3 1/2 years ago. Building the trust in a medical professional does not come easy to me, but I’m happy to say that I trust Dr. George wholeheartedly with his judgment in terms of my teeth. The friendly staff is always willing to work with my hectic schedule and treats me like family every time I walk into the office. Thus, I will always refer Dr. George to my family/friends because I would want them to experience the same happiness that I have been experiencing since 2006. He simply wants what is best for his patients.”

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