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Getting Straight Teeth with Clear Braces in San Diego


Why should I choose Clear Braces? At Cosmetic Dentistry & Orthodontics of San Diego, we see many adults who, for whatever reason, never wore braces as a child or teen and now wish they had or are in need of them again as an adult. We all want to look our best, and we all [...]

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What are Lingual Braces & Are They Right For Me?


How are Lingual Braces different from traditional braces? When people think of braces, they automatically think of traditional, front-facing braces. Not as many people are aware of lingual braces, another, less-visible orthodontic option. These unique braces are placed behind the teeth that perform the same function as their front-facing counterpart. What type of braces are [...]

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Choosing the right Orthodontist in La Jolla


When it comes to choosing the right orthodontist in La Jolla there are a number of things to consider including cost, location and most importantly quality. There are many orthodontists in La Jolla, but not all of them are created equally in these regards so it is vital that you do some research before simply [...]

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Orthodontics Quiz: Which Treatment Is Right for You?


As one of the area’s leading orthodontic dentists, Dr. George Georgaklis offers a variety of treatment options. You can choose from traditional braces, Invisalign®, and accelerated teeth straightening at his San Diego office. Although each of these treatments can be extremely effective orthodontics, the right one for you will depend on your lifestyle, budget, personal [...]

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Are Clear Braces Right for You?


As a renowned orthodontic expert, Dr. George Georgaklis offers several different options to achieve a straighter and healthier smile. Like many patients, you may be wondering about Invisalign® vs. braces at our San Diego practice. Both treatment options can successfully treat a range of orthodontic issues. However, you may be more suited to one treatment [...]

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6 Reasons to Consider Invisalign®


Misaligned teeth can be a huge burden. Not only do they impact the look of your smile; they can also affect your overall oral health and even your facial structure. Fortunately, Dr. Georgaklis offers a full range of orthodontic treatments. Traditional braces, lingual braces, and six-month orthodontics are all available at our practice. La Jolla Invisalign® [...]

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Invisalign Series 2 – Types of Cases Invisalign Can Treat


Welcome to the second post in our Invisalign series. Our first post covered the basics of Invisalign®, and now we are going to explore a variety of different cases and scenarios for which Invisalign® may be the optimal solution. […]

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Invisalign® Cost San Diego


Invisalign® is a technology that uses clear alignment trays to straighten teeth quickly and discretely. It has been steadily gaining popularity since its release to the public in 2000. Today it is used by patients of all ages that wish to correct the alignment of their teeth without having to use braces or perform cosmetic [...]

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Invisalign® Series Post 1 – San Diego Invisalign® Basics


Welcome! This post is the first in our new blog series all about Invisalign®. At Dr. George’s blog we have a passion to provide you (the reader) with relevant and helpful information that will assist you in making the right decisions for your dental health. Therefore, if you are finally ready to fix that front [...]

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