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In An Accident? Why You May Need a Dental Expert Witness

A dental expert witness is crucial when it comes to jaw and mouth injuries sustained in car, personal or work related accidents. Defining both the real cause and treatment can get very tricky when involving insurance companies. What often happens in these cases can really hurt not only your jaw, but end up hurting your wallet as well if not [...]

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Dental Expert Witness on Car Accidents and TMJ Disorder

As both a dental expert witness and a top San Diego Dentist, Dr. George Georgaklis is highly regarded for his knowledge of TMJ Disorder (TMD). This condition, characterized by chronic jaw pain and headaches, is an often overlooked result of car accidents. It can appear by itself, or it may be accompanied by another condition. Because it often goes undiagnosed, many attorneys do not realize that a key piece of evidence is literally staring them in the face. Through an accurate evaluation, Dr. Georgaklis can diagnose the disorder and demonstrate its relevance to car accidents and personal injury law. He can also provide effective treatment for the patient, restoring his or her pre-accident quality of life. […]

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Looking for San Diego Dental Expert Witness?

Not only is Dr. George Georgaklis renowned for his skill with cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, he is also an outstanding San Diego dental expert witness. One of a highly select group of dentists working in this area of the field, Dr. Georgaklis can assist clients with personal injury cases. He is also renowned for his work on behalf of insurance companies, and he has represented numerous plaintiffs, as well. Because of his ethical standards and his dedication to his patients, Dr. Georgaklis offers thorough and compassionate services in accord with rigorous guidelines. Read on to learn more about why Dr. Georgaklis is a great choice for a La Jolla dental expert witness. […]

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