The Top Cosmetic Dentist in San Diego


Everyone wants to look their best, and statistics show that the first thing people notice about you is your smile. Years ago, there was little to be done about our teeth. As they got old, yellow, chipped, or rotten, there were no options available to fix them. In extreme cases of dental neglect and decay, [...]

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Why Dr. George Offers the Best Veneers in San Diego and La Jolla


If you want the best available veneers in San Diego and La Jolla, you’ll want to go to Dr. Georgaklis. We'll explain why he's the best in this post, but before we get to that, let's discuss what veneers are all about and answer some of the common questions you may about them! What are [...]

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Teeth Repair in La Jolla


Teeth repair can require one or more treatments depending on the severity of the damage to the teeth, the misaligned growth and more. There are a few treatments provided by Dr. Georgaklis for teeth repair in La Jolla including veneers, bonding and even his incredible straight teeth in one week treatment. Veneers If you are [...]

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