Composite, Mercury-Free Dental Restorations

Dr. George’s San Diego / La Jolla dental office we only use metal-free and mercury-free tooth-colored fillings. I only want to give my patients the best options to restore their teeth to their original and natural beauty.

Amalgam (mercury, silver) fillings absorb moisture and expand and contract with hot and cold. This can cause a tooth to fracture as the filling ages which can result in loosing more natural tooth structure. When this happens a crown is usually required to restore the tooth. Metal fillings are also susceptible to corrosion which allows bacteria to leak in along the edges leading to decay underneath. It can be very hard to detect decay under an amalgam filling on an x-ray. This leakage can also give the tooth a dark or unnatural appearance. It is highly recommended to have all your metal fillings removed to ensure there is no decay present and to prevent the need for root canal treatments, crowns, and other more aggressive dental treatment to restore your tooth. Replacing a silver amalgam filling can be easy, and in most cases dental insurance plans pay a benefit for it.


Tooth colored fillings can be made of a porcelain or composite resin which is bonded directly to the tooth.  The restorations can be custom-colored to precisely match your teeth. When porcelain or resin fillings are bonded in place they are extremely natural looking and durable. I use only the best in bonding adhesive materials. The Bonding adhesive is placed under the restorative material to adhere it to the tooth structure. The bonding procedure can improve the strength of the tooth to some extent. Depending on the type of bonding material used it can also prevent sensitivity and have a greater bonding strength. I continually research these adhesives and materials to make sure I provide only the very best products to my patients.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in San Diego

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