Crowns are one of the most common and versatile dental treatments. If you have a critically damaged tooth, one of these tooth-shaped restorations can restore your dental function and prevent further damage. In some cases, crowns can also enhance aesthetically compromised teeth. In the past, metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations were the only option. Today, however, Dr. Georgaklis can provide a lifelike metal-free crown at his San Diego practice. This advanced restoration can have a number of functional and cosmetic benefits. Dr. Georgaklis will carefully examine your tooth to determine whether a La Jolla metal-free crown is the optimal treatment for you.

The Basics of Holistic crowns

A crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that goes all the way over a damaged tooth. When placing a crown, Dr. Georgaklis will trim your tooth to remove damaged or decayed material and to make room for the restoration. When he has achieved the right shape, he will take impressions of your tooth, which he will send to our lab. Laboratory technicians will then craft your tooth-colored crown from the latest restorative materials. Your La Jolla metal-free crown will be made of composite resin, a durable, BPA-free material. As you wait for your crown, the dentist can often provide a temporary restoration. Once it is finished, he will attach the metal-free crown at our San Diego office.

The Benefits of a La Jolla Metal-free crown

Dr. Georgaklis proudly offers holistic crowns for a number of reasons. First, these restorations contain no mercury. In contrast, metal restorations may contain up to 50% mercury. This toxic metal has been linked to numerous alarming health conditions, ranging from a repressed immune system to premature birth and more. Thus, a composite crown can protect your long-term health and perhaps even the health of your children. In addition, tooth-colored crowns can benefit your oral health. Tooth-colored crowns require less alteration of your natural teeth than metal.

A La Jolla metal-free crown can also enhance the look of your smile. Composite is available in many shades, and Dr. Georgaklis will choose the color that is a near-perfect match to your smile. Older porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns will match your grin at first, but over time, the metal will usually start to show through. Composite, on the other hand, will never change color, meaning your smile could look bright and healthy for decades. Dr. Georgaklis is proud to be one of 50% of dentists practicing metal-free dentistry. He hopes that, as more dentists become aware of the health and cosmetic benefits of tooth-colored restorations, holistic dentistry will become the norm in the US.

Get Your Metal-free crown in San Diego Today

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