Fillings and crowns are two of the most common restorative treatments. These restorations can be made of several materials, including silver amalgam and other metals. Unfortunately, these metals often contain high levels of mercury, which has been linked to many different health concerns. That is why Dr. George Georgaklis is proud to be a metal free dentist in San Diego. Using biocompatible, tooth-colored materials, he can more effectively protect your health and enhance your smile. If you are looking for the safest and most effective treatment for your family, contact your La Jolla metal free dentist today.

What Is a La Jolla Metal Free Dentist?

“Metal free dentistry” refers to the materials used in dental restorations. Thus, Dr. Georgaklis eschews silver amalgam crowns and fillings. Amalgam is comprised of five different metals: silver, copper, tin, zinc, and mercury. Although there is a mix of metals, very often these restorations contain up to 50% mercury. Instead of this toxic material, Dr. Georgaklis uses composite resin. In addition to placing new restorations, he can also remove your old fillings and replace them with this safe and modern material.

How Does Mercury Affect Your Health?

Although some experts assert that silver amalgam does not pose any health risks, the material has already been banned or restricted in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and several other countries. Many are pushing for a ban here in the US, as well. Over time, mercury can leak out of fillings. It will enter your blood stream and travel to all parts of your body, causing a wide array of health concerns. Mercury has been linked to the following health conditions:

  • Repressed immune system
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Premature birth
  • Stillbirth
  • Impaired mental function
  • Neurological disorders
  • Kidney dysfunction

Need more proof that metal free dentistry is a wise choice for your health? Old amalgam fillings are classified as “hazardous waste” by the EPA.

Additional Benefits of Metal Free Dentistry

As if the systemic health risks were not enough, there are several additional reasons to visit a metal free dentist in San Diego. First, composite resin fillings and crowns can protect the structural integrity of your teeth. In most cases, Dr. Georgaklis will need to remove much less dental material when placing this type of restoration. In addition, composite will form a stronger bond with your tooth. Unlike metal, it will not expand and contract with changes in temperature. Over time, constant expansion and contraction can severely weaken your tooth and lead to further damage.

Finally, a La Jolla metal free dentist can protect the appearance of your smile, as well. Eventually, metal fillings will begin to show through your teeth, and the porcelain coatings on metal crowns will begin to wear away. This process can give your smile grayish tint, and you may look significantly older. Because Dr. Georgaklis will match composite fillings to the natural color of your teeth, you can enjoy a white, youthful smile for decades.

About Your Metal Free Dentist in San Diego

A leader in the field, George Georgaklis, DDS has been practicing holistic dentistry since 1985. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with your La Jolla metal free dentist.