When it comes to straightening your smile, traditional metal braces are not the only solution. Today, Dr. George Georgaklis offers a diverse range of orthodontic treatments that are much more subtle. Clear aligners and tooth-colored braces are great options. Another choice that often goes overlooked are lingual braces, or braces behind teeth. These devices work much like traditional braces, and they are made up of metal brackets connected by a wire. At regular intervals, Dr. Georgaklis will tighten the wire to gradually realign your teeth. Because lingual braces require specialized skill, not every orthodontist is equipped to provide this type of treatment. Fortunately, thanks to his consummate skill and advanced training, Dr. Georgaklis proudly provides braces behind teeth at his La Jolla office.

Why Choose San Diego Braces Behind Teeth?

The most significant advantage of lingual braces is cosmetic. Braces behind teeth offer an unparalleled level of subtlety. In fact, most people will be completely unaware that you are wearing braces. This makes them an outstanding choice for working professionals, as well as teens who simply want the most discreet treatment possible. Lingual braces can also have practical advantages for certain people. For instance, if you play sports, these devices may be a great option. With braces behind your teeth, you are less likely to sustain injuries to your lips and the inside of your cheeks.

Disadvantages of Lingual Braces

Although lingual braces can be an outstanding treatment option, it is important to be aware of the disadvantages before you select this treatment. First, it does take a bit longer to adjust to lingual braces. Eating and speaking may prove difficult at first, but most patients adjust after a few weeks. Similarly, it can difficult to maintain proper dental hygiene. Food can easily become trapped underneath the brackets and wire. However, because you will not be able to see the braces, you may be unaware of the trapped particles. For this reason, it is important to be hyper vigilant about cleaning your teeth and scheduling regular dental visits. Additionally, braces behind teeth can cause tongue irritation and soreness, especially during the initial adjustment period. Lingual braces can sometimes take a bit longer than traditional braces. However, because braces behind teeth are so discreet, many patients do not mind the few additional months of treatment. Finally, lingual braces are custom-made with advanced CAD/CAM technology. Therefore, they typically cost more than standard orthodontic treatment.

Candidates for La Jolla Braces behind Teeth

Lingual braces are a great way to correct crooked teeth, as well as slight bite misalignment. However, if you have severe malocclusion, especially a dramatic overbite, you are likely not a candidate for this treatment. Additionally, if you have proportionately small teeth, it may be difficult to fit you with custom-made brackets. Dr. Georgaklis will provide a complete consultation and examination. In this way, he can determine your candidacy for braces behind teeth at our San Diego practice.

Find out Which Type of Braces Are Right for You

To learn more about lingual braces, as well as traditional braces, Invisalign®, and accelerated orthodontics, schedule an appointment with Dr. Georgaklis today.