If you are considering a visit to your San Diego orthodontist, you may hesitate, believing you are too old for orthodontic care. Although you dislike your crooked smile, you feel that you would be even more embarrassed spending months with braces on your teeth. “No,” you think. “I’m too old for that. Braces are for teens or young adults who have not yet reached their professional stride.” The truth is that more and more adults are enjoying the immense benefits of braces. Orthodontic treatment will not only improve your appearance – it could have untold benefits for your overall quality of life. Additionally, your La Jolla orthodontist offers many different treatment options. Therefore, you may be able to enjoy these benefits with no need for noticeable metal braces.

1. Reduces Your Risk for Decay

When you have a crowded or misaligned smile, food and bacteria can easily become trapped in the tiny spaces between overlapping teeth. Because these spaces are so difficult to access, it can be hard to clean your teeth properly. Braces will realign these teeth so that you can maintain proper hygiene.  Remember, while you are wearing braces, food can become trapped between the appliance and your teeth. Therefore, you must be extra vigilant about flossing and brushing during the duration of your treatment.

2. Reduces Your Risk for TMJ Disorder

Misaligned teeth will affect the balance of your bite and place uneven pressure across your dental arch. In turn, this can put significant strain on your temporomandibular joints, or jaw joints. The nearby tissues can become inflamed, or the joints themselves may suffer damage. Braces can even out your bite, greatly reducing your chances of developing TMJ Disorder. If you already suffer from TMD, orthodontic treatment, along with oral splints, can be one of the most effective treatment options.

3. Makes Eating Easier

If you have severely misaligned teeth, it can sometimes make biting and chewing difficult or even painful. With straighter teeth, you will often be able to enjoy a wider range of foods. Best of all, eating will no longer be uncomfortable or troublesome. Bear in mind, however, that you may need to make some temporary adjustments to your diet while the braces are on your teeth.

4. Makes You Look Younger

Crooked teeth will dramatically affect your overall appearance. In severe cases, a misaligned bite could even alter your facial structure, giving your cheeks a sunken look or making your chin look weak. With orthodontic treatment, Dr. Georgaklis can make you look years younger – with no need for major cosmetic surgery.

5. Improves Your Performance at Work

If you are embarrassed by your smile, you may unconsciously hide it. Unfortunately, employers often perceive non-smiling employees as unmotivated or dissatisfied with their jobs. When you are confident about your appearance, you will naturally smile more often. You may also be more willing to take on greater responsibility and leadership. In turn, your employer is more likely to see you as a dedicated and motivated employee. You may find that you enjoy more professional opportunities and even financial benefits.

Learn More about How Braces Can Benefit You

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