A dental expert witness is crucial when it comes to jaw and mouth injuries sustained in car, personal or work related accidents. Defining both the real cause and treatment can get very tricky when involving insurance companies. What often happens in these cases can really hurt not only your jaw, but end up hurting your wallet as well if not for the help of a dental expert witness.

What kind of Jaw Injuries Occur in Personal or Car Accidents?

Accidents typically leave the person with multiple injuries, but the ones often looked over are injuries to the mouth or jaw that can turn into long term pain if not properly diagnosed and treated. Dr. Georgaklis has been working in the dental medical field for over 30 years and has worked with both sides of legal cases concerning jaw injuries related to car accident, personal and work related jaw injuries to determine the exact cause along with a legitimate treatment plan and accurate value for that treatment plan.

One of the most common jaw injuries that occurs from an accident is TMJ Dysfunction and after over 500 depositions, arbitrations and jury trials serving both plaintiffs and defendants, Dr. Georgaklis has proven himself to be a ture dental expert witness. To add to that, he has thousands of TMJ Dysfunction patients over the years and the majority of these injuries were sustained from direct trauma to the jaw or even whiplash from auto accidents.

TMJ Symptoms

  • Stiffness in Jaw
  • Pain in Jaw
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Problems Opening and Closing Mouth
  • Tingling Sensation in Arms or Hands
  • Ears Consistently Ringing

What Does a Dental Expert Witness Do?

When Dr. Georgaklis takes on a dental case one of the first things he will do is conduct a thorough and complete evaluation to make sure jaw dysfunction is present. To do this he will do a manual exam, check any past and present medical records and even take x-rays if needed to confirm jaw dysfunction. Along with the exam and research he will further discuss any symptoms in order to create a realistic timeline and see if that correlates with the accident for the case. With all of this valuable information, Dr. Georgaklis can determine if TMJ is related to the accident and use it to become a valid witness in the case to ensure the truth is heard.

TMJ Treatment Plans

Dr. Georgaklis will also create a treatment plan for anyone he sees when he is needed as a dental expert witness after the initial exams whether the jaw dysfunction was caused by the accident or not. He has a strong passion for revealing the truth for the case, but an even stronger passion for helping patients in need.  In the majority of cases, the treatment plan itself can be play a significant role as evidence in a personal injury or car accident case. The most common treatment includes oral splints, but others could be restorative dentistry, medication, orthodontia and even chiropractic care.

Need a Dental Expert Witness?

If you are experiencing jaw dysfunction from a personal injury, car accident or anything else, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Georgaklis right away for both treatment and as a dental expert witness to help prove your case.