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As an expert in dentistry, Dr. George has not only published articles in some of the industry’s top magazines, but he has also appeared on local news stations, sharing important information about oral and overall health. Dr. George is also called on to be a dental expert witness in court proceedings, on occasion. A leader in cosmetic dentistry in San Diego, Dr. George is well vested in his career as a respected dentist. However, his priority is providing excellent dental care, from orthodontics to cosmetic dentistry to TMJ therapy treatment, to his patients in La Jolla and San Diego.

Interdisciplinary Approach for TMJ Disorder Patients

Originally published in San Diego Chiropractic Journal.

By Dr. George Georgaklis

“TMJ” syndromes can be classified into TMJ Dysfunction Syndromes or Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome. These symptoms should be considered separate and distinct clinical entities. Read more >

Mellinium Smile

If you'll soon be a bride, you must read this article before the wedding.

By Dr. George Georgaklis

For years and generations to come, friends and family will admire your wedding day pictures. They will remark about your beautiful dress, hairstyle and flowers. But what will they say about your smile? Read more >

Occlusal Change Through Orthodontics in TMD Patients

Orthodontics could cause occlusal changes that lead to TMD.

By Dr. George Georgaklis

Although some claim that occlusion has little effect on a healthy TMJ and is not generally a causal factor in TMD, many have made emphatic claims to the contrary. Read more >

Cervical Myospasms & TMD

Originally published in San Diego Chiropractic Journal.

By Dr. George Georgaklis

When presented with the task of identifying the etiological factors responsible for TMJ disorder or myofascial pain, the primary goal of the practitioner has traditionally focused on identifying an abnormality… Read more >

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