When you are looking for the best orthodontics in San Diego to help you achieve the smile that you’re looking for, it is critical to do plenty of research to find what technique will be most ideal and who is best suited to do that work for you. This way, you will get the very most out of the work done, and you will feel the most confident as possible with your results. If you are looking for the best orthodontics in San Diego and La Jolla, consider the techniques of Dr. George Georgaklis. He has decades of experience and thousands of happy patients.

One of the most popular orthodontic solutions are “fast braces”. This technique is one that Dr. George specializes in and has over two decades of happy “fast braces” clients. These braces can give you tremendous results all while being safe, affordable, and fast. You no longer need to go through a several year-long process to straighten your teeth. It takes the majority of clients no more than 6 months to get straight teeth. Not all dentists have the skill to do rapid braces but Dr. George does and has thousands of happy clients to show for it. If you are looking for the best orthodontic option, Dr. George has years of experience with this technique and highly recommends it.

One of Dr. George’s happy clients stated: “I had my braces with Dr. George and his staff. Everyone at his office are extremely nice and caring. I was supposed to have my braces for 8 months, but it ended up being 3 months. With that amount of short time for ceramic braces, I cannot recommend anyone better than Dr. George and his staff! They are professionals and my results couldn’t be any better.” -Yujin B.

Best Orthodontics in San DiegoAnother one of the best orthodontic solutions is lingual braces, also known as “invisible braces”. Dr. George is extremely experienced in this technique, with thousands of success stories. So many people choose this option because the braces are not visible from the front and therefore it doesn’t even seem like you have any! Dr. George helps clients with invisible braces on a regular basis because there are so many adults who do not want the look of braces, but want the result of them. Lingual braces truly is one of the best options because you can go about your normal life all while straightening your teeth without anyone even knowing!

If you are searching for a successful and reliable orthodontist, you can trust in the decades of experience that Dr. George has in the dental and orthodontic field. Based in
La Jolla, California, clients come from all over to work with him to straighten their smile and boost their confidence.

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