Endodontic Treatment

biological root canal therapy san diegoDr. George offers biological root canal therapy in San Diego, the newest and in his opinion the safest form of treatment for saving an internally infected tooth.

Originally the only way to treat an infected tooth was through extraction, but over time dentists invented the root canal treatment, which preserves the tooth structure after removing infected nerves and tissues in the tooth’s canal. In recent years, studies have revealed that traditional root canal treatments have a glaring shortcoming.

Each root in a tooth has a collection of small, inaccessible areas that are very difficult to treat and clean because of their size and location. Traditional treatments do not properly sterilize these areas in the tooth roots, a problem that can lead to remaining bacteria becoming trapped and eventually entering the bloodstream. Dr. George offers a safe alternative root canal therapy that utilizes ozonated water, ozone gas, and biocompatible materials to ensure proper disinfection of the tooth, followed by placing a metal-free crown.

Biological root canal treatment with ozone avoids toxic chemicals and focuses on restoring the health of the tooth by healing the immune membrane lining, recovering blood flow to the tooth, and properly removing bacteria. The key to the success of this holistic treatment is ozone. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites, at a dramatically lower concentration than chlorine, with none of the toxic side effects. 

Dr. George is one of the few dentists in San Diego that has an ozone generator, which allows him to harness this powerful element and provide biological root canals to patients. 

The natural root canal therapy is a multi-step procedure that begins with the removal of all dead/infected tissue followed by the sterilization of the area with biocompatible ozonated water, ozone gas and disinfecting materials. The biocompatible substances work very well at cleansing the infected area without causing harm to the tooth chamber and surrounding teeth the way that traditional toxic chemicals can. 

The combination of ozonated water and ozone gas ensures that the tooth is disinfected completely, even the microscopic tubules, which are often only partially cleaned by traditional treatments because of their small size and abundance throughout the tooth. Ozone gas is able to cleanse all areas of the tooth including the smallest pockets that a liquid would be unable to reach such as the microscopic tubules. 

After the tooth chamber is sterilized, the root tips are sealed with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA), which is a biocompatible material that simulates live tooth tissue and thus helps regenerate surrounding bone, immune membrane and blood flow. The rest of the tooth chamber is then filled to mimic a natural tooth.  This process sends the message to surrounding tissue and immune membrane that this is still a healthy and “intact” tooth.

Biological Root Canal Therapy in San Diego

Root canal therapy is an important aspect of holistic dentistry. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call or visit our San Diego office located in UTC La Jolla. We would love to help you improve your dental health and are excited to provide health conscious dental services to our patients. Stay connected, like us on Facebook!

Problems with Root Canal Therapy

A chronically infected tooth is a stress on our immune system. Our goal is to eliminate the cause of the infection. The challenge is that a tooth is made of millions of little canals or tubules. The infected main canals colonize or contribute microbes to the tubules.

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