One of the most common questions I get asked by my patients who have kids is how early is too early to consider braces? My answer is that these days, it is wise to start an orthodontics plan early on and that many parents are getting braces for children under 10 in La Jolla to jump-start the process. This is critical because starting early prevents worsening of the jaw line, overbite, cross bite, etc. and allows for intervention along with a faster timeline for completion.

Why wait? Braces for children is the way to go (And they will appreciate it later!)

Braces for Children: Overbite, Under Bite and Cross Bite

Why wait? Braces for children is the way to goThe main focus and goal of braces for children under 10 is alignment for both the upper and lower jaw because this is one of the more typical issues in children. Dr. George also keeps an eye out for a cross bite specifically with the back teeth where it can happen on either side and sometimes with both sides.

An under bite is another common issue in children who need braces and is caused by the upper teeth growing inside of where the lower teeth are coming. As mentioned above, the best bet is to intervene sooner than later as the longer you wait the longer treatment will take. On top of that, the longer the issue persist the more likely more significant problems arise such as TMJ dysfunction and the jaw growing into an abnormal shape with functionality difficulties

These are the main concerns because they can be corrected before all the adult teeth that are permanent come in and can be corrected with braces or a bite appliance in as little as 6 months.

Braces for Children: But my Child Does Not Have All Adult Teeth yet?

It is completely normal for children under 10 years old to have crooked teeth because their adult teeth are not all in yet and once they come in the adult size teeth are too large for their child-sized jaw.

There are numerous options to help ensure straight front teeth for your child as they grow so all of their school pictures come out as perfect as you would like. Feel free to contact Dr. George and schedule an appointment to learn more about the options available that can straighten your child’s teeth in as little as 2-6 months at an affordable cost.

Want to learn more? Give Dr. George a call today and get started for your child sooner than later!