Finding a Dental Expert Witness


Dr Georgaklis is a dental expert witness who is a qualified and experienced dental professional who is called upon to provide his expertise and opinions in legal cases related to dentistry. He plays a crucial role in litigation where dental issues or malpractice are involved. His primary responsibility is to provide objective and unbiased assessments, [...]

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Dental Expert Witness San Diego


Dr. George Georgaklis is the best possible choice for a dental expert in San Diego. With more than 30 years of experience in dentistry (29 of which at George C. Georgaklis, D.D.S., a Professional Corporation) and 37 years as a dental expert witness, streamlining the review of records efficiently. He has Testified in depositions on [...]

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Dental Expert Witness for Defense Testimony


Unfortunately, a dental expert witness for defense testimony is needed a lot more than anyone would like to admit. This can be for a large number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is malpractice or misdiagnosis by a dental practitioner. Both of these can leave a patient suffering from constant pain, discomfort and [...]

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