Even though modern veneers can be used to correct a wide range of dental problems, some patients still have reservations about choosing them. While it is always important for patients to understand their options for treatment, porcelain veneers at my San Diego practice are one of the safest and most effective ways of treating cracked, crooked and discolored teeth.

Many of the fears that patients have about choosing San Diego veneers may be due to concerns related to older versions of this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Today, most of these concerns have been eliminated with improved techniques and materials. In years past, the process for creating these dental restorations produced a less durable product that could chip or crack over time. This meant that the patient had to have them regularly replaced when damage occurred. Modern veneers are made from an updated, incredibly strong and resilient material that is almost as hard as the actual tooth. With the proper dental hygiene and regular office visits, veneers can last for decades.

Another problem with the procedure in years past was that the adhesive used to secure the dental veneers to a patient’s tooth would break down over time and allow the veneers to loosen. To correct for this problem, the dentist would have to remove and reattach the veneer with new adhesive. Modern adhesives are much stronger and more durable than ever and, with proper care, can easily hold the veneer in place for a lifetime.

One final concern is that older veneers were slightly thicker than modern versions, which meant the dentist had to remove more of the surface of the tooth during preparation. This could lead to sensitivity in some patients, especially in smaller front teeth. Since the material used for modern veneers is far more durable, they can be made much thinner and require less material to be removed from the underlying tooth. All of these changes make modern veneers a great choice for patients looking to correct cosmetic issues with their smile.


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