If you are in need of a full smile makeover due to serious gum issues, missing teeth, misaligned teeth, large gums, misshapen gums and/or teeth then mouth reconstruction is absolutely the best option for you. Depending on the exact problems you are facing and the severity of them, Dr. Georgaklis will determine the proper treatment plan for you using one or a combination of these solutions.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring can significantly improve your smile if it is currently gummy, seems like your teeth are too small, stubby or if you have an uneven gum line. Reshaping the gum tissue can reveal your natural tooth enamel which produces a much more bold and attractive smile.

Not only does gum contouring have cosmetic benefits, but it also can be vital to the overall health of your gums now and into the future. This is especially the case for patients who have periodontal disease or orthodontic braces.

What Can Gum Contouring do For You?

  • Make your teeth look longer
  • Significantly change your gummy smile
  • Sculpt gum tissue that is uneven and make the teeth flow together harmoniously
  • Remove gum tissue that is irritated, inflamed or puffy

Smile Makeover or Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you are having multiple problems in your mouth, with your gums, teeth and smile, it may require full mouth reconstruction and/or a smile makeover to transform your current mouth into a healthy one that results in a beautiful smile.

Dr. Georgaklis has treated dozens of professional athletes, actors and news anchors throughout his 30 plus years of cosmetic dentistry in La Jolla and can create the perfect smile makeover treatment plan for you.

Treatments Often Used in Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Replacing missing teeth with dental implants or bridges
  • Replacing old caps or crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Repairing broken or chipped teeth
  • Alignment of teeth and jaw with crowns or orthodontics
  • Restore any damaged teeth with bonding, crowns or veneers
  • Gum Contouring (gingival sculpting)

Is your smile in need of some cosmetic dentistry and possibly a makeover?

If so, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Georgaklis, your top cosmetic dentist in La Jolla today to transform your smile into one you will be proud of!