If you are a denture wearer, you may feel frustrated and embarrassed by your prosthetic. When you first received your dentures, they fit comfortably and looked natural. Now, however, they slip around in your mouth. Not only are they uncomfortable; they make it difficult to eat and speak in front of others. If you are tired of dealing with loose dentures, San Diego dental implants may be the solution. These restorations are permanently fixed to your jawbone. They can also prevent bone recession and changes to your facial structure. Dr. Georgaklis will provide a full consultation to determine if implants are the most appropriate solution for your La Jolla loose dentures.

Why Do Your Dentures Become Loose?

Dentures are custom-made to fit around your alveolar ridge, the bony rim under your gums. When you first receive dentures, they will typically rest securely around this bone, although you will use denture adhesive to hold the restoration in place. However, when you are missing teeth, you will quickly experience jawbone recession. When healthy teeth touch, the roots emit little shockwaves that trigger re-mineralization. This process will replace minerals that are lost every day, keeping your jaw stable and healthy. Unfortunately, when you are missing teeth, your bone will not receive these important signals, and it will start to recede. Even one missing tooth can lead to dramatic recession; when you are missing all of your teeth, the results are even more severe. Because your dentures are made to fit around your bone, they will fit differently as your jaw starts to shrink. You will need to have the prosthetic relined periodically, and you may need to replace it on a regular basis.

Dental Implants: The Solution to La Jolla Loose Dentures

Many patients assume that loose or unnatural dentures are an inevitable part of getting older. Today, however, Dr. Georgaklis can provide implant-retained dentures, which will never move out of place. First, he will take x-rays to determine your candidacy for implants. If you have already suffered severe bone recession, you may not be able to receive these restorations. Alternatively, you may require bone grafting before you qualify for an implant-retained denture. If you are a candidate for implants, Dr. Georgaklis will place several tiny metal posts in your jawbone, using very gentle techniques to minimize your discomfort. Usually, he will provide a temporary restoration to wear while you heal. When you have recovered, he will attach your final denture.

Because implants are permanent, your denture will never slip out of place. You can eat virtually all foods, and you can smile and laugh unconsciously. Perhaps even more significantly, the titanium posts will prevent bone recession. The implants will replace your dental roots, and they will give off the same regenerative signals. Therefore, with implants, you will retain your natural facial proportions and your youthful appearance.

Learn More about Preventing Loose Dentures in San Diego

Do not allow La Jolla loose dentures to affect your life and lower your self-confidence. Contact our office today to learn more about dental implants with George Georgaklis, DDS.