Dr. George Georgaklis is committed to his patients’ complete oral and physical health. For this reason, he is proud to be one of the few area dentists using ozone therapy. As an ozone dentist in San Diego, he employs all-natural methods to speed procedures, reduce discomfort, and more effectively eliminate bacteria. If you are considering a visit to a La Jolla ozone dentist, you may have a number of questions regarding the treatment and its application to your oral health. Check out some of the FAQ’s answered below. Then schedule a comfortable, effective ozone treatment at our practice.

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is comprised of three oxygen molecules. It is found naturally in our atmosphere (think of the ozone layer), and it helps absorb UV light from the sun, protecting plants and animals on earth. Our bodies also produce ozone, using it to fight bacteria. With three molecules of oxygen, ozone is unstable. It wants to return to the more stable form of oxygen, which only has two molecules (O2). Therefore, because the ozone molecules are more active, they are able to penetrate below the surface of teeth and gum tissue, where they can eviscerate bacteria. Although ozone is found naturally in the atmosphere, your La Jolla ozone dentist can also create the molecules through his in-office ozone generator.

What Procedures Can You Use Ozone to Perform?

Dr. Georgaklis can perform a number of procedures using ozone therapy. First, he can use the treatment to prevent cavities and periodontal disease. He will provide custom-made trays, injected with ozone. As you wear the trays over your teeth and gums, they will reduce your risk for these conditions. If you are already struggling with gum disease, he may combine traditional treatments with ozone trays and ozone-infused water. Through these methods, the ozone can reach the deep periodontal pockets to kill bacteria in these areas. Ozone water and gas can also treat other forms of oral infection and mouth sores.

One of the most common applications for ozone therapy is in root canal procedures. The ozone gas can access hard-to-reach areas, such as the smallest dental roots. In some cases, your ozone dentist in San Diego may even be able to prevent the need for root canals using this advanced treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Visiting a La Jolla Ozone Dentist?

Ozone therapy offers a number of important benefits. First, the treatment eliminates the need for harmful and abrasive chemicals. Second, it is often more effective than traditional manual techniques, since ozone can access the areas that even the most skilled dentist cannot reach. Because it is so effective, ozone therapy can also reduce your time in the dental chair. Finally, your La Jolla ozone dentist can dramatically reduce your discomfort. Holistic ozone therapy does not involve unpleasant noises, vibrations, or other jarring sensations. It has never been easier to protect your oral health and beautiful smile.

About Your Ozone Dentist in San Diego

George Georgaklis, DDS is one of a select number of ozone dentists in the La Jolla area. Contact our office today to learn more about ozone and to benefit from this effective, all-natural technique.