It’s time for another dental visit. And you know part of the routine is measuring your “gum pockets” and comparing them to your last visit. And it seems you’re always losing ground in the gum department. Then you are reminded that the key to healthy teeth and a healthy mouth overall starts with healthy gums. But you brush twice a day like a warrior and this is still the case. All hail the dental/medical community, because now, there is a proactive solution for this. It’s called Periodyne.

And the very best part of Periodyne is the fact that it is an all natural product. That’s right. It’s not a toxic mixture some chemist in a lab coat cooked up. It’s a product made from a patented combination of natural cetylated oils. OK, but what are cetylated oils? They are natural oils found in U.S. grown products. Here’s a WebMD article about cetylated oils. These oils have been used for some time in a variety of health-based products with great results. Only recently have they been found to promote gum health by helping to treat the symptoms of certain gum diseases. Things like bleeding gums, dental bone loss, receding gums (those “pockets”), and gum inflammation.

To put you at full ease about this product, have a look at the primary research done by Boston University — a highly trusted and non-biased source for medical information.

Periodyne is inexpensive, easy to use, and takes only a few seconds to apply. And within 10 minutes you can eat and drink like normal. Dr. George was part of the initial research on Periodyne a couple of years ago, and you can read more about the product and that research at this link: “Healthy gums, naturally: Periodyne launches new product for enhancing periodontal health”.

And finally, social proof in the way of a happy patient of Dr. George’s who is now a regular Periodyne user. Here is what Peggy S. has to say about her Periodyne experience:

“I love Periodyne! It tastes good and has helped my gums heal in 1 week after I had major dental work done. I will continue to use Periodyne even after all my dental treatment is completed. I also like that the product is completely natural.”

So there you have it. Dental science makes even more leaps and bounds with a great, healthy product. When you to take a moment to think about it, we really take modern dental care for granted. Cosmetic dentistry is great and all, but even the simplest things like filling a tooth or repairing a cracked molar for example, has dramatically increased our quality of life. Just imagine what life was like even a mere hundred years ago when once your teeth gave out, that was it! No more regular chewing. And don’t even think about the pain of living without modern dentistry. We all owe the dental community a lot, and with the arrival of a product like Periodyne, we can see that the dental health research people are continually pushing forward with safe, natural dental health innovation, and we can all be thankful for that!