A whiter, brighter smile can completely transform your appearance. There are several treatments that can reduce dental staining and improve your grin. Although there are a number of do-it-yourself options available at your local drug store, dental experts agree that professional whitening is safer and more effective. That is why Dr. Georgaklis offers both take-home treatment and in-office Zoom! teeth whitening at his San Diego office. Both options are highly effective. However, one may be more appropriate for you, depending on your health needs, budget, schedule, and lifestyle. This quick quiz can help you determine if you are a candidate for La Jolla Zoom! teeth whitening.

The Quiz

Do you suffer from dental sensitivity?

A. Yes
B. No

What is your ideal timeline for treatment?

A. I want to lighten my teeth in time for my high school reunion – which is next week!
B. I don’t mind taking more time to achieve truly stunning results.

Do you frequently forget to do things you’re supposed to do?

A. Yes. All the time.
B. No. People always tell me how responsible I am.

Does the thought of self-administered treatment make you nervous?

A. Yes. I prefer dentist supervision at all times.
B. No. As long as I get thorough instructions before beginning treatment, I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Are you on a budget?

A. I have saved up for the cosmetic treatment I desire.
B. Yes. I would like to keep my treatment costs lower.

Are You a La Jolla Zoom! Candidate?

If you answered mostly A’s, you are a good candidate for Zoom! teeth whitening at our San Diego practice. Before treatment, our dental assistant will carefully cover your gums to prevent sensitivity. Then he or she will apply peroxide-based gel to your teeth. A specially designed light will activate the gel, setting off an oxidation reaction that will break down the chemical bonds between stains. After about 15 minutes, the assistant will remove the gel and make sure the barrier over your gums is secure. Then he or she will apply a new layer of gel. After three 15-minute sessions, your teeth could be six to ten shades lighter. Some patients enjoy even more dramatic results! Many times, the gel will continue to work for several days after your treatment. In-office Zoom! teeth whitening is especially suitable if you have sensitive teeth. Our assistant’s careful supervision and our effective barrier will prevent irritation of your teeth and gum tissue.

If you answered mostly B’s, at-home whitening may be the optimal solution for your smile. Dr. Georgaklis will provide custom-made whitening trays, made from precise impressions of your dental arches. These trays will fit snugly around your teeth, but they will seal off your gum tissue, greatly reducing your risk for post-treatment sensitivity. You will also receive a supply of whitening gel, which is similar to the gel used during in-office treatment. However, it has a lower concentration of peroxide. After filling the trays with the whitening gel, you will wear them for about 30 to 45 minutes, two times a day. The full treatment regimen typically lasts a week to ten days, although treatment times vary for each patient. At-home whitening can be a great option if you are on a budget. However, for optimal results, you must be committed to continuing the treatment on your own. Following your initial treatment, you can perform touchups to keep your smile sparkling for years to come.

Contact Us for More Information

To fully determine your candidacy for Zoom! teeth whitening, contact our La Jolla office today. Dr. Georgaklis will explain your whitening options and help you choose the right treatment for your smile.