When searching for a dentist to care for you and your family, it is imperative from not only a cosmetic standpoint, but also a health standpoint to find the very top dentist in your area. Putting a little bit of effort and time into the search can mean the difference between having the most confident, bright smile, and having a smile that you constantly are trying to hide.

Lucky for you, Dr. George is an extremely popular and experienced dentist in San Diego. In fact, many clients say that he is by far the best dentist in all of San Diego. This is proven time and time again by the many awards he’s won and the many testimonials he has from happy clients. For example, he’s won the Top Dentist Award in San Diego for multiple years, including the most recent in 2018. He’s also won multiple Cosmetic Dentistry awards in San Diego, Invisalign Innovator awards, as well as a California award for Cosmetic Dentistry. He has over 25 years of experience and truly is a top dentist in San Diego. Here are a couple of things that Dr. George’s clients have said about his work:

“Your clinical skills and eye for aesthetics are a rare combination.”
-Dr. Anthony Napoleon, Ph.D., ABMPP

“Dr. George helped me prioritize my treatment so financially I could get complete dental care to my satisfaction. Time and money were financed properly and today I am glad I trusted him all the way!”
-Jacqueline Jordan-Martin

One of the great things about Dr. George is that he is experienced in a variety of work, so no matter if you need veneers, braces, treatment for TMJ dysfunction, Place dental implants, or even Botox® treatment, he is experienced in it all. The wide range of expertise that Dr. George has and the quality and experience that he brings to the table easily make him one of the top dentists in San Diego. Not only do celebrities trust him with their dental needs, but families both young and old have put their trust in him for many years. Clients continually say that they love how valued, cared for, and prioritized they feel when they come to the office. It is no wonder that Dr. George is rated one of the top dentists in San Diego.

If you would like to have a consultation with Dr. George to see how he can help you achieve your best smile, please contact his office today by calling 858.552.1223.