As a proponent of holistic dentistry, Dr. Georgaklis is proud to be a trusted San Diego laser dentist. He uses the latest soft tissue lasers to treat periodontal disease and perform cosmetic gum contouring. During a deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, he will use our state-of-the-art laser to remove bacteria from your gums. Then he will smooth your dental roots, removing the rough spots that attract harmful bacteria. If you have a more severe case of gum disease, your La Jolla laser dentist may recommend periodontal pocket reduction. Turning the laser up to a higher setting, he will aggressively, yet precisely, target the bacteria residing in your gums.

Alternatively, Dr. George may use lasers to enhance the appearance of your smile. During laser gum contouring, he will remove small amounts of excess gum tissue to smooth your crooked gum line or improve your “gummy smile.” No matter what treatment Dr. George performs, the use of lasers can have enormous benefits for your smile and overall health.

1. A San Diego Laser Dentist Can More Effectively Eliminate Bacteria.

In the past, dentists would use manual techniques to remove oral bacteria. With advanced laser therapy, Dr. Georgaklis or his assistant will treat your gums with high power laser energy. The lasers can eviscerate bacteria, reducing them from the billions to the hundreds. At the same time, lasers will target bacteria with little effect on your healthy gum tissue.

2. Dental Lasers Pose No Risk for Cross Contamination.

Even when dentists practice proper sanitation, there is a slight risk that dental instruments will transfer bacteria from one patient’s mouth to another. Because laser tools never actually come in contact with your gums, a San Diego laser dentist can virtually eliminate this risk. Additionally, the lasers themselves kill bacteria, including those that may come from outside your mouth.

3. A La Jolla Laser Dentist Offers Minimal Discomfort Treatment.

Dental lasers seal blood vessels during treatment. Therefore, you should experience minimal discomfort during your procedure and an extremely short recovery time. In most cases, any minor sensitivity or irritation will dissipate within one or two days, and you should be able to eat a normal diet in about the same amount of time.

4. Dental Are Extremely Precise

Your La Jolla laser dentist can target the exact amount of tissue that he wants to treat. This means that he can achieve stunning and natural results during laser gum contouring. He will meticulously plan your treatment, determining exactly how much tissue he should remove to achieve your goals. Even though he will remove the smallest amount of gum tissue possible, the treatment could completely revamp your smile.

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To learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry, contact your San Diego laser dentist today. Whether you require periodontal therapy or cosmetic care, you will benefit from his advanced technology, personalized care, and gentle touch.