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Dr. Georgaklis Named Top Dentist 2023


Dr. George C. Georgaklis, DDS, has been recognized as one of the best dentists in the country by topDentist's 2023 awards. This prestigious award is given to only the best dentists in their respective fields, and Dr. Georgaklis has earned a spot for his outstanding dental work in the San Diego area. Top Dentist [...]

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Dr. Georgaklis Named Top Dentist 2021


Every year San Diego Magazine aims to create a list of San Diego’s top dentists and Dr. Georgaklis was named Top Dentist 2021. San Diego Magazine partners with San Diego County’s dentists and asks them to identify the Top Dentists in the area by voting for other dentists they feel are worthy of recognition as [...]

Dr. Georgaklis Named Top Dentist 20212021-06-08T20:34:58+00:00

Best Dentist in San Diego 2020


When it comes to selecting a dentist for your braces, veneers, teeth whitening solutions, etc, it is critical to find an expert! The more experience and positive testimonials a dentist has, the better chance you have of being thrilled with your end result. This is why it is worth it to do some research to [...]

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Selecting a Top Dentist in San Diego


When searching for a dentist to care for you and your family, it is imperative from not only a cosmetic standpoint, but also a health standpoint to find the very top dentist in your area. Putting a little bit of effort and time into the search can mean the difference between having the most confident, [...]

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Choosing the Best Dentist In San Diego


Choosing the best dentist in San Diego is absolutely worth your time, effort and money to ensure that you receive the best dental treatments available. Whether you are in need orthodontic treatment, cosmetic dental treatment, holistic dental treatment, family dental treatment, TMJ treatment, dental implants or even a dental expert witness, Dr. Georgaklis has you [...]

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Choose an Award Winner to Find the Best Dentist in La Jolla


When it comes to your dental health, you naturally want a top practitioner to take care of you and your family. However, with so many dentists to choose from, making the right decision can seem overwhelming. To help you make your decision, look for a dentist who offers diverse treatments, personalized care, and advanced technology. [...]

Choose an Award Winner to Find the Best Dentist in La Jolla2020-12-28T18:15:49+00:00
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