Lingual Braces

Straight Teeth in San Diego With Dr. Georgaklis


In 2006, a discouraged patient came to Dr. Georgaklis’ office in San Diego in search of help to achieve straight teeth. The patient was told that because of his particular bite, he may need surgery and would probably need to wear braces for several years. The patient had seen Dr. George’s advertisement in the newspaper [...]

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Top Orthodontist in San Diego


Quick—think back to elementary school. What was THE WORST THING that could've happened to you?  Braces!  We're talking about orthodontics — every young person's nightmare! But, with modern dental techniques, every teenager’s worst nightmare has been seriously mitigated. Take lingual braces (braces hidden behind your teeth) for example. Top Orthodontist in San Diego Dr. George [...]

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What are Lingual Braces & Are They Right For Me?


How are Lingual Braces different from traditional braces? When people think of braces, they automatically think of traditional, front-facing braces. Not as many people are aware of lingual braces, another, less-visible orthodontic option. These unique braces are placed behind the teeth that perform the same function as their front-facing counterpart. What type of braces are [...]

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