Anxiety is a common emotion to feel before your annual trip to the dentist. Not knowing whether or not you will have a cavity, or score low on the flossing scale can get anyone all wound up before they even step foot into the office. In my San Diego holistic dentistry practice, I work with multiple patients and assist them in curbing their dental anxiety before and during their visit. There are various methods and procedures I have found to be successful with my patients in the past. In preparing for your visit to the dentist, here are a few things to help you clear your dental anxiety.

Establish Trust

The most important factor within my practice is building a line of trust with my patients. If you are having trouble understanding the specifics of your visit, I will clarify in a way that you understand, so that you are more comfortable with your visit. I have an exceptional staff here at my practice, one that you should never be afraid to ask questions to. We work hard to make sure your concerns are heard, and that you are as satisfied as you can be with your dental experience.

“Signal” Your Dentist

These are your teeth, and you are the boss of them. My staff and I will create a “signal” if needed before beginning our work with you, and if at anytime you are feeling uncomfortable or concerned about the situation, you can give us the signal and we will adjust to your own comfort scale. We want you to feel that you are always in control of your own dental visit, and with a signal, you are able to direct us in how we operate on your teeth.

Distract Yourself

We are not like your ordinary boring dentist offices; we want to create a fun and relaxed environment for our patients. We encourage anxious patients to bring music with them to their visits, so they will not solely focus on the procedure, and instead offer themselves a distraction from the dental equipment being used.

Come Prepared

If you are an individual who has problems controlling your gag reflex, we advice you to use a throat spray before your visit. Throat sprays will work to keep your gag reflex under control for about an hour, just enough time for your visit.

Utilize your Support System

If you are experiencing dental anxiety, make sure that you have a loved one there to support you with your fears. We want you to feel that you are in a safe environment at all times, and understand if you need support to feel this way.

Throughout my practice I have found many of these methods to be helpful with several of my patients who experience dental anxiety. It is a priority of mine to put each and every one of my patient’s safety first. I offer an affordable Dentistry in San Diego.  Call my office at (858)-552-1223. I look forward to discussing how we can help you get on the right track to wearing a brighter, healthier smile.